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If you’re facing a specific legal issue or aren’t sure of your options, The Belli Law Firm is here to help. We work hard for our clients no matter what their situation.

Throughout California and across the United States, we aggressively litigate cases of all sizes. Our unique trial-proven tactics have been honed over the years, and our creative thinking has helped us obtain over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

From rear-end collisions to complex multimillion-dollar mass torts, from seemingly simple employer-employee disputes to the devastating effects of civil rights violations, we treat each case with the same level of importance, care and attention.

Melvin M Belli

The late Melvin M. Belli is credited for pioneering the foundations of modern consumer rights law.

Because Tradition Matters

The late Melvin M. Belli is credited with pioneering the foundations of modern consumer rights law. His work formed the basis for later lawsuits and landmark litigation by prominent figures such as Ralph Nader. He was known as the “King of Torts” and won over $600 million in judgments during his distinguished career.

Melvin M. Belli filed and won the first class action lawsuit to be tried in this country for alleged human rights violations in a foreign country. In the punitive damages portion of the trial, Melvin C. Belli persuaded a Honolulu jury to award $1.2 billion in punitive damages against the estate of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos for the mass torture of over 10,000 victims.

Passing The Torch: A Legacy Renewed

For over 30 years, Melvin C. Belli practiced law side by side with his father. He continues to carry on the traditions of his late father by being an aggressive legal advocate for injured victims and their families. From auto accidents to employment discrimination, attorney Melvin C. Belli has procured millions for his clients.

Each year, Mr. Belli brings in the top lawyers and experts in the country to discuss cutting-edge legal strategies and tactics. These assemblies help plaintiffs attorneys better represent their clients against those who negligently injure them.

Notable Cases

  • $2.2 million for damage to a farmer’s sheep breeding operation/herd
  • $1.2 million for loss of a strawberry crop
  • $900,000 wrongful death of a father in asphyxiation in a motel due to a faulty wall heater
  • $900,000-plus wrongful death of a family in a small airplane crash
  • $365,000 wrongful death of an 87-year-old in a trip-and-fall
  • $335,000 for mild head injury to a pedestrian walking on a dark country road
  • $175,000 partial blindness in one eye as a result of a defective air bag

Resources And Experience To Take Your Case To Trial

The litigation attorneys at The Belli Law Firm do not shy away from going to trial. In fact, they prepare every case as if it was going to trial. The Belli Law Firm has a long and rich history of fighting for victims’ rights and tackling the complex cases that other attorneys are reluctant to take.

Your case is important. You need an attorney who understands the difficulties you face and who is not afraid to go after those who are responsible. Whether it is a large corporation or a negligent driver, the San Francisco attorneys at The Belli Law Firm are here to help. Call us today at 415-981-1850 or fill out our confidential contact form for a free consultation in our Mill Valley office. You deserve justice and we can help you achieve it. Call today.

Melvin C. Belli

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